To be Centre of Excellence in producing tomorrow’s Ethiopia’s Business Leaders by 2025

Mission of the Centre

  • To be the centre for thinking, creating, reasoning, acting, opportunities, resource mobilization, leadership, expected to project the image of the Institute positively, through the creation of generation of entrepreneurs that will affect positively the economic and social structure of the nation, Ethiopia, in particular, and the World, in General.

Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE)

There are mutually reinforcing four major areas in the scope of CfE: education of students, TOTs, coaching of young entrepreneurs, and research and needs assessment. CfE closely works with the other industry cluster units. Students, being the primary customers of the institute, benefit from the center in various ways. Firstly, by working with the Chair of Entrepreneurship the Center ensures the extent to which relevant entrepreneurial knowledge, skill and attitude are embedded into the general curricula, beyond just the Entrepreneurship Courses. Secondly, students benefit from needs based trainings and different events envisaged to be organized on selected entrepreneurship topics.

Objectives of CfE

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE) has been established with the following general objectives:

  • To create awareness of needs and potentials of entrepreneurship among EiABC community
  • To promote an entrepreneurial culture and change of mindset
  • To address the gap between higher education (academia) and industry   
  • To create a supportive environment for Entrepreneurship development at EiABC
  • To provide Business Development Services (BDS) including training, consultancy and advisory services, marketing assistance, information, technology development and transfer, and business linkage promotion.

The Main Tasks of CfE

  • Leads and coordinate events/trainings
  • Oversees and assists with participant screening, training, matching, support, supervision activities for training and consultancy
  • Supports the Institute and center on Fundraising activities
  • Supports build up entrepreneurship competencies at EiABC (students and staffs)
  • Organizes orientation sessions that outline goals, procedures and events for students and staffs
  • Gives practical advice to students and community with staffs, chair of Entrepreneurship.
  • Identifies technological demands through industry mapping and communicates with all chairs in order to estimate the opportunities
  • Analyzes technology transfer mechanisms in order to help the institution and the community
  • Develops appropriate technological research and consultancy services based on the prioritized demand; and disseminates the developed technologies.
  • Coordinates, plan and schedule events, follow-up meetings, reports and demonstration programs
  • Links the industry cluster and maintains strong relationships with people, stakeholders, industries, organizations, chairs and addressing their needs
  • Manages data bases and undertakes documentations on Entrepreneurship and Industry
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