International Relations and Communication Affairs Directorate

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IRCA (International Relations and Communication Affairs Directorate) is one of the service units in EiABC charged with the responsibility of initiating and promoting international links and partnerships, staff and student exchanges and mobility, communication, fundraising and promoting the visibility of the institute.

IRCA carries out the following functions for EiABC:

  1. Act as the focal point for admission of international students and their activities while at EiABC
  2. Promote  the welfare of international visiting staff and researchers while at EiABC
  3. Facilitate registration, travel and accommodation arrangements for EiABC academic and administrative members of staff as well as visiting scholars and students
  4. Coordinate activities of university staff and students visiting universities  abroad
  5. Keep records and update all collaborations and agreements that EiABC has with international universities/organizations.
  6. Negotiate agreements leading to the signing of MOU/MOA on  partnerships with other institutions/the industry
  7. Raise funds for scholarships and staff mobility for EiABC staff or students
  8. Develop and execute external and internal communications strategy to further improve EiABCs profile and visibility to various stakeholder groups and the general public
  9. Manage the institutes communications platforms and channels such as web, social media, corporate publications etc.
  10. Support institutional events in terms of promotion and documentation
  11. Co-ordinate media and public affairs activities; handle media relations, plan news agendas and monitor press coverage


IRCAs vision is be the leading unit enhancing EiABC’s internationalization through strategic partnerships and collaborations.


IRCAs mission is to initiate and co-ordinate international programmes and collaborations with the purpose of internationalizing EiABCs profile.




Institutional culture

Innovativeness and creativity

Good corporate governance

Team spirit and teamwork


Quality customer service

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