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Credits Ethiopluin/ Add on library research:

EiABC Staff:

Ayele Bedada (coordinator and research head)

Melat Aseffa, Dr. Heyaw Terefe, Mengist Berhanu , Florian Stall

EiABC students:

Gebrekidan Getaw

Kirubel Nigussie, Shalom Lemma, Lemi Belete, Ermiyas Tessema, Orion Lemma, Liuel Hizikiyas, Beniyam Eshete, Benyam Shimeles, Andualem Bekele, Simon Mucheye, Yosef kassa, Matias Fekadeselassie, Bruke Bekele, Michael Bekele, Hermela Mulat  along with the entire 2010 and 2011 entry architecture students.

Fhami Girma



A new book  coming soon on the reserch area and its findings

the book

Ethioplugin_EiABC had a meeting with PROF. ANYAMBA TOM TEBESI dean of Architecture and building science department and TABITHA M.

Kiarie senior technologist at Nairobi University department of architecture and building science. On the meeting exchange of thoughts,

documents and future plans on research ethioplugin are carried out.


Nairobi University and Ethioplugin_EiABC:

Ethioplugin had an extended presentation and dialogue with Nairobi University architecture students on research ethioplugin and its objectives. Students of Architecture 5th and 2nd year from Nairobi University have shown interest to build similar endeavor as ethioplugin that is specific to Kenya. With further collaboration students from both EiBAC and Nairobi University will have exchange of research experience on ethioplugin and share outputs on common website.



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