As part of the Integrated Urban Mobility (INUMO) project, the student research trip project the student research trip to Bishoftu brought together a group of enthusiastic students from Bauhaus University Weimar and the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC). With a common goal of exploring the research framework of Integrated Urban Mobility (INUMO), the students embarked on a transformative journey. Bishoftu, a vibrant city in Ethiopia, provided the perfect setting for this collaborative endeavor. Over the course of the trip, the students engaged in immersive fieldwork, observing and analyzing the urban mobility challenges faced by the local community. Through interviews, surveys, and data collection, they sought to understand the existing transportation infrastructure, identify key bottlenecks, and propose innovative solutions to enhance the overall mobility experience. This intercultural exchange not only broadened the students' perspectives but also fostered meaningful connections between different academic institutions and communities. Together, they envisioned a future where integrated urban mobility systems could enhance accessibility, sustainability, and quality of life for residents of Bishoftu and beyond.

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