Sim_0ne _ Climate simulated building prototype _I 
Principal investigator: Fasika Sahl­emariam, Chair of Building Construction
Project Architect: Betel Biruck, Chair of Architectural design I

SiM0NE [Simulation One] is a research project conducted by the Chair of Building Construction. It will design and build the first climate simulat­ed building in Ethiopia.

The aim is to introduce daylight and thermal simulation in the design process so as to create maximum indoor comfort in regard to Addis Ababa’s climate. The findings of the research project will be published.

BUILDING ON THE EDGE is the first SIM_ONE prototype that shall provide climatic design guidelines for the emerging cities of Ethiopia starting with the example of Addis Ababa. The main goal of the research is to support and create awareness among architects and engineers particularly in the first conceptual planning phase.

The first prototype is built based on a quantitative analysis considering climate, building structure and the exterior of the building, as well as the tech­nology inside the building and passive heating and cooling concepts.

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