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Addis Ababa Becoming Exhibition at the Swedish Pavillion
The Design Week Addis Ababa festival aims to further the creative industries in Ethiopia. On January 14, 2017, EiABC in association with East Africa Holding (E.A.H) hosted the ‘Architecture/Urban Planning’ theme.
The Design Week Addis Ababa (DWAA) has the goal to foster the economic potential of designers, creators, and innovators by showcasing their projects and products directly to the end users and commercial partners. The multidisciplinary festival in alignment with UNESCO’s Creative Cities initiative covers a variety of themes such as architecture and urban planning, industrial and interior design, fashion, visual communication, art and multimedia and other.
EiABC has taken on the role of organizing and hosting the ‘Architecture/Urban Planning’ theme. The goal of the event was to create a discussion platform on the topic of Addis Ababa Becoming. It focused on how Addis Ababa is changing at an ever faster pace with consequences nearly impossible to determine.
In the early afternoon an exhibition at Swedish Pavilion showcased designs and research from different chairs that their faculty and students had developed related to the theme Addis Ababa Becoming. It included exhibits from urban and regional concepts to landscapes and built structures, from material research, sustainability, and environmental responsiveness approaches to socially, economically, and culturally sensitive designs.
Later a panel discussion at the East Africa Holding Factory focused on the topic of the necessary removal of industrial zones from the city, which have been laid down in the new master plan for the city. Since the East Africa Holding factory has for a long time been operating in Lideta it took the initiative to invite guests to contribute in the development of a vision on how to put the master plan idea into practice. The panelists represented  different aspects and viewpoints including  environment, sustainability, housing, design culture and socio-economic factors.
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