After receiving 436 bond certificates through MoFED, which represents 100% of our administrative and academic staff, it was just the past Friday 4th of December 2015; our own campus EiABC had hand-over ceremony of "Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Bond" starting 2:30pm, at the EIABC sports field. On this hand-over ceremony Dr. Admasu Tsegaye, President of Addis Ababa University and other AAU officials were present. Also around 220 administrative and academic EiABC staffs were present.


From left to right [ Dr Admasu Tsegaye AAU President, Professor Joachim Dieter Scientific Director of EiABC and Ato Ataklti Abrha A/Managing Director of EiABC
At the "Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Bond" hand-over ceremony

The program begun by welcoming Dr. Admasu Tsegaye to EiABC campus by EiABC Scientific Director Professor Joachim Dieter and Acting Managing Director Ataklti Abrha and other head of units. As the first part of the program was visit around the campus, the visiting team went to visit the new datacenter /ICT project. All officials from AAU were really impressed with this big infrastructure project, as it is a very huge investment which is going to provide sustainable, timely and accurate services, advice, information and training in the areas of Information and Communication Technology to support and inform effective and efficient teaching, learning, research and management of the institute.

The visit continued to the campus clinic which was an example of standardization and customer centricity. This visit led to the new canteen kitchen of EiABC students. Even though this project was started almost more than 3 years ago, it was a living evidence of how the institute cares about providing a standard and quality service to its students. Professor Joachim Dieter also has explained that this kitchen was built with the effort of EiABC's own different offices such as ICT, facility management and so on.


Team visiting the new datacenter /ICT infrastructure project

The team finally passed by to visit the "EiABC Entrance Gate and Wall Design Competition" submissions on the way to the sports field before joining the Hand-over ceremony. Due to road construction, the Entrance Gate and Compound Wall need to be redesigned. This competition was a very inspiring initiative by EiABC that motivates students and staff of EiABC to leave their finger prints on the design for the entrance gate on the fence parallel to the road from Mexico to Torhailoch. This design will not only include the gate design but also the wall and shops that will emphasize the original gate on Smuts street and the Dej. Baltcha Nefso St. (Coca street).
At the bond giving ceremony, almost 10-15 staff have received their certificates from the hand of Dr Admasu Tsegaye. And from the speech given by the president of AAU himself, he has appreciated the work of EiABC so far and wants to encourage other institutes in doing the same.

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