To be Centre of Excellence in producing tomorrow’s Ethiopia’s Business Leaders by 2025

Mission of the Centre

Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE)

There are mutually reinforcing four major areas in the scope of CfE: education of students, TOTs, coaching of young entrepreneurs, and research and needs assessment. CfE closely works with the other industry cluster units. Students, being the primary customers of the institute, benefit from the center in various ways. Firstly, by working with the Chair of Entrepreneurship the Center ensures the extent to which relevant entrepreneurial knowledge, skill and attitude are embedded into the general curricula, beyond just the Entrepreneurship Courses. Secondly, students benefit from needs based trainings and different events envisaged to be organized on selected entrepreneurship topics.

Objectives of CfE

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE) has been established with the following general objectives:

The Main Tasks of CfE