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Friday, 10 October 2014 15:40



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EiABC is conducting first round of PhD defence since the start of PhD Program Environmental planning in 2010 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 12:49

On Thursday October 09, 2014, the first ever PhD candidate of EiABC will defend his dissertation in the PhD Program Environmental Planning, which is running since 2010.

Aramde Fetene Mengistu will defend the study of Landuse/Land Cover Change and its Impacts on the Habitat Structure of Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia: Implication for Management Strategy for the first time since the start of the PHD program.

Dr. Kumelachew Yeshitela, (EiABC), Chair of Ecosystem Planning and Management, Addis Ababa University and Professor Dr. Ruediger Prasse, Leibniz University of Hannover, Institute of Environmental Planning, Hannover, Germany will be the supervisors for this defence.

The external and internal examiners are going to be Dr. Fritz Haubold, TU Dresden, Department of Physical Geography, Germany, and Professor Dr. Zerihun Woldu, Addis Ababa University, Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management Program Unit.


The defence will be held at Swedish pavilion, anyone interested is invited to join this first ever defence in EiABC.



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EiABC in Portugal Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 September 2014 10:39



EiABC took part in the training week that was held at the Universidade do Porto, Portugal from 7th to 11th July.

This training took under the framework of the Erasmus Mundus and Intra-ACP Projects, funded by the European Commission.


The purpose of the training was to:

  1. To understand the full range  of possibilities from UPS OFT,
  2. Getting a clear understanding of the European Commission Executive Agency and EACEA rules/regulations and
  3. Observing/learning from the manner in which our team manages the various Erasmus Mundus and other international mobility projects in such an efficient manner.

Mr. Shimeles Habtamu, Mr., Essayas Taye and Mr. Abiy Mulugeta represented EiABC in this amazing training.

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EiABC Visited University of Andalas, Indonesia Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 August 2014 13:08

On 11 and 12 August, EiABC (Represented by Agus Prianto - Head of External and International Relations Office) introduced the Institute to the Heads of the University of Andalas in order to initiate a future cooperation agreement.

The engineering faculty and students have been very interested for further developments.

EiABC has in its strategy to increase the mobility of students abroad (sending and receiving) and the Office of International Relations will be involved in supporting these mobilities. EiABC wants to increase the internationalization of the campus and share knowledge with the academic community and societal thanks to its excellent position at the International level.

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EiABC was represented at the first ever SUDPIA Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 August 2014 12:21

14-22nd of July 2014

The Postgraduate and International Office of Stellenbosh University (South Africa) has launched the very first SUDPIA programme for administrative and support staff members from partner and associated Universities in Africa.

This programme has come in response to a growing need for practical guidance on the implementation of internationalization at both operational and strategic level within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

The Deputy Managing Director, Ataklti Abrha and the Head of International Relations Office, Agus Prianto, attend this programme as representatives of EiABC.

The links between EiABC and Stellenbosh become more and more important and further developments are expecting this year.

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Tuesday, 09 September 2014 07:24

This year’s ETH-EiABC student exchange workshop addresses one of the pressing challenges in contemporary Addis Ababa: how to make pedestrian mobility safer, more inclusive, and equitable in a rapidly developing, car-oriented urban environment. From August 25 to September 6 2014, an interdisciplinary group of twenty Bachelor, Master and PhD students from EiABC and ETH Zurich are exploring new concepts, strategies and designs for improving pedestrian mobility from a bottom-up perspective. Under the assumption that such an approach could embrace the pedestrians’ everyday economic and social activities in a more integrative manner, the workshop aims at providing a basis for straight for wardly applicable ideas that would counteract the realities of implemented transportation infrastructure.

Teaching ETH: Sascha Delz, Catherine Lippuner, Bin Bin Pearce, Basil Vitins
Support EiABC: Zara Gray, Fikreselassie Hailu, Bisrat Kifle (Chair of Basic Architecture and Design)

Ethio-Germany Workshop Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 September 2014 06:59

EiABC is happy to report thatannual workshop “Welcome Africa”has been a full success. This workshop held in Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany this past July finished with visionary goals and interests on both sides.

10 students and 5 academics from EiABC Addis Ababa worked with their German peers on the final design of the third experimental house called MACU (Mobile Automated Construction Unit) which is part of the three-year research project “Welcome to Africa“ founded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. MACU is due to be built in December in Addis Ababa.


Furthermore, scientific director EiABC Joachim Dieter and managing director EiABC Dr.BéatriceDelpouve came to Weimar to arrange further collaboration and projects (Bauhaus in Addis). For this reason a research proposal for a housing concept in Addis for 2015-2020 was prepared together with the German partner.